EuP Preparatory Studies “Televisions”

EuP Preparatory Studies “Televisions”


European Union Commission


European Union Comission


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Friday, November 25, 2016














For the EuP Preparatory Study Lot 5 “Consumer Electronics” the European Commission sets the focus on the product category televisions (TV). The first task of the study is to define the scope of the product category TV based on a spectrum of existing definitions or categorizations deriving from: • Product categories and classifications used for official European Union trade statistics (e.g. PRODCOM, EU-25 Trade Statistics) • Product definitions according to standardization (e.g. IEC, EN, ISO) • Product categories in conjunction with eco-labels and voluntary agreements (e.g. GEEA, Energy Star Program, Eco-label, Codes of Conduct) • The primary product performance parameter (the “functional unit”), and if needed • Secondary product performance parameter The definition of product categories is serving in general different purposes such as marketing, market surveillance and statistics, standardization and labeling. Product categories therefore distinguish specific aspects of a product accordingly. They usually differentiate system related types of equipment, the intended function or functionalities of products, different technologies, or performance criteria. As a matter of fact product categories are changing frequently over time according to technology or market driven development. This situation will become quite clear when looking at existing definitions for TV and their segmentation. The majority of existing definitions is not taking current technology and product system developments into account. They basically reflect the analog TV and CRT only situation of the year 2000. Our intention is to define the product category TV in light of the ongoing technical changes with a more long-term perspective. Secondly we intend to set the scope for the product category TV and sub-categories in reference to the primary task of this study: • The assessment of products that have a “significant” environmental impact in EU-25 • The identification and analysis of eco-design improvement potential for TVs In that respect, the definition of the product category TV and the specific product scope of the study should to be seen in direct conjunction to the market, technical trend, and consumer behavior analysis. Following the definition of scope we will have to determine relevant criteria or performance parameters describing the “playing field” for eco-design in the product category TV. This means, that we have to define the so called “functional unit” representing product performance parameters which have the strongest influence on the environmental impact of TVs and could be used as indicators for showing improvement. According to VHK methodology report the “functional unit” should be identified on the basis of functional performance characteristics (e.g. screen size to power consumption ratio) and not on the basis of technology.